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SMILES on my face. <3


changing the setting of the blog, lol.
David spelling corrections. (but i still want it. :DD)

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To see Jesus? ;D
To be a pastor.
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A Guitar.
A DrumSet.
A NewPhone. (hopefully i won't lose it this time. :D)
A BrandNew,Not-LAG COMP. ;DD

&&for those who are reading this, my birthday is coming. So ya better do something bout it. LOL.

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Monday, June 2, 2008


it's You, that i want to spend my life with. 11:26 PM

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

after doing some reflections with God, i came to realise that there's another SUPER person in my life.
She's no one other than my MOM! hahaha.
She's really someone that i cant live without.
She'll always be there for me when i need her.
Even though she's always nagging, nothing went in vain.
MOM, i love YOU! <3>for those out there who hate your Mom's nagging, try loving it.

it's not whether you hate your Mom or not. it's who you treat her as, and how do you treat her.
having a Mom is really amazing.


dont hesitate, START NOW. (:


My Gorgeous Mom. <3


it's You, that i want to spend my life with. 10:59 PM

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spending Time with God after Bernard alighted & i saw a couple huddling each other like there's only 2 of them in e world.
Not Only Kissing & Hugging but Touching each other's. Yup, you know what i mean.

The More I looked, the more angry I am.
the question comes: what are they doing to God's body?
by that, i really want to thank God that He had brought me to know Him at such a young age.
Or someone is gonna get hurt REAL BAD. (:
Have a nice day, or a Good Night. ;D


it's You, that i want to spend my life with. 8:59 PM

Monday, May 12, 2008

i've been looking at the video ''everyday life'' from GodTube.
God suddenly reminded me in Revelation 22:12
12And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.(King James Version.)
http://www.godtube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=760456b767ffa60dde3c - a must watch video.
Through this video, God reminded me that there's no more time left to play around.
He's coming down anytime.
So whoever is reading this, there's no more time to waste.
Let's not be complacent. Serve till He comes back.

Have a nice day.


it's You, that i want to spend my life with. 9:08 PM

Sunday, May 11, 2008

forgotten to post bout today.

Woke up around 1+, if i'm not wrong.
Hmm, went to find Cyril for basketball game.

Played, Played, Played.
Went back to Cyril's house to rest. (which i'm supposed to go to Kayann's house to download my bro's PSP game.)

Lazy to explain everything.
HAHA, ended up in Cyril's father lorry.
Went to Queensway to look for shoes but went to eat before.

Here is a picture when we're halfway back.

Me & Leonard. Hair look abit funny, cus of e wind. xD

Reached home.

Yawnnnn. tired when i'm fighting with e bed devil. Lol!
Cya Guys.


it's You, that i want to spend my life with. 11:38 PM

haha, didnt post e last few days because i've been busy.
Exams are over, doesnt mean it's time to enjoy. cus the paper are not back yet. so quite stressed.
Lol, exams are over, but that doesnt mean you can stop serving God.
But anyway, yesterday was service.
wanted to post last night but there's problem with e blogger.

Went for 2nd service because Mom went to play Majong. Cant bring her down.

Service was okay. Everything went smoothly.
Pastor Jeff was PREACHING. ;D
& i knew jokes will be up next. xD
okay, i'll share what i've learnt later.

To continue, there's no meeting at all.
Met up my group to talk & evaluate.

Went to eat KFC with JH.
Then Brandy joined in.

Went back with Brandy, Cyril, Leonard & gang. Because JH had meeting.
Yup. That's all for yesterday.

Lesson Learnt From Service.
Something that Shirls mentioned. it's something bout casting your worries & anger.
Then God reminded me of this verse, (1 Peter 5:7).

From Jeff.
i'll put it in a different point.
#1) Why must I honor my parents?
-Basically, the Bible says so.
#1.1) God understands e importance of e family unit.
-You cant choose who your parents are.
-God gave them to you which He'll never make a mistake bout it.
#1.2) There are no perfect parents.
why? All parents makes mistake.
#1.3) Home is where children learn to respect authority.
- e first time you're disciplined is at home.
- Discipline, in e Bible = Training.
#2)How do I honor my parents?
for Younger Adults - Respect & Appreciate our parents.
Respect = Share your life with your parents.
why? Teenage usually dont share their lives with their parents. Which makes their parents afraid of letting them out or mixing with wrong friends.
Solution = Bring your friends to your house to let your parents know them.
How? Forgive them for they are not perfect.
Appreciate = Appreciate them for they are sacrificial.

Honor= Providing & Affirming your family.
Providing = (1 Tim 5 :8)
Affirming = Staying in touch with them.

#3) Results for Honoring my parents.
-Children grows to be more secure.
-When we came to know Jesus, the texture of our family must change.

Yup, that's bout it. ;D

it's You, that i want to spend my life with. 6:09 PM

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Anyway, this is a last min post.
Gotta make it short, before i sleep.

HAHA, i was having my eng paper today.
Quite easy.....but not for long.
after e teacher collected e paper, he started to correct us ON THE SPOT.
He told us all the tricky questions then i was like...''OH GEEZ, GG liao.''
GG= GraciousGod. xD
But anyway, before my paper, Jianhao messaged me & said that he's at LJS studying.
So i went to find him after my paper. (which he had changed his studying place.)
He told me that he had been cheated in LJS for e pricing thing.
and he ended off like, ''e moral of the story is, dont go to LJS to study.'' LOL.

Went to Admiralty with Jianhao & Keato to wait for Loong.(which he's having tuition.)
we reached around 1. but Loong's tuition ends around 2.30pm.
So we went to Jianhao's house to slack & to wait for him to bathe & prepare.
Keat leave while Jianhao's bathing, so i went to sleep.
In the end, Jianhao woke me up with a COLD DRINK on my face. ._.

Ended up in Marks & Spencer with David, Loong, Jianhao & Me.
We studied while waiting for Loong & David.

Xueyong, Keato & Josh appeared an hour later.

Went to a Weird stall under Asle Cafe to eat.
the food is nice but looks quite weird. HAHA.
We(Loong and Me) left them & headed back to Yishun.

Went to ChongPang with Loong & Jacob.

ended up here. (:(:(:(:(:(:

hehe, nothing much to share today.
As i said, it's a short post.(but doesnt look like it.)


it's You, that i want to spend my life with. 10:59 PM

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Hmm, Today's quite okay.
Nothing much to talk bout it.
Woke up at 10, continue learning my guitar & went back to sleep again.
whataPIG. ;DD

Went to library with SMILES on my face.
No space to study so went to Mac.
Hmm, after studying went to find Sally, Elephant, Elephant's brother & KFC.
Went to Sally's house to watch Facing e Giant but found out that there's no sound.
So they all move on to my house to watch.
It's a very touching & interesting Show.

Things I've learnt through that show.
#1) To God, impossible is nothing.
#2) With God's strength, nothing is impossible.

To Continue, Sally imported some songs into my comp & they went off leaving Elton here.
LOL, & he's beside me.
gotta go. Cus i'm lazy to continue typing. ;DD

`TENACIOUSLYsigningoff. (:

it's You, that i want to spend my life with. 10:39 PM

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Today's service! ;DD

Woke up at 9am but continue to sleep.

next moment I woke up, it's already 11am.

Haha, slacked on e bed for awhile, then went to bathe & do my usual stuff.

Went to take train & blar, blar, blar.

Praise&worship atmosphere was okay.
I've been comparing the atmosphere every week & it just dawned upon me that are we praising God because of the high atmosphere?
do we worship God because of e atmosphere?
I tried to answer & I came to this conclusion.
-The Atmosphere doesn't matter to me. It's about the attitude. It's about whether do you feel God's Presence or Do you even bother bout it.
Yup. So after p&w, it was PASTORJEFF preaching! ;DD
Shall share what I've learnt in e bottom of e post.
Anyway, during Altar Call, Jeff coughed & i was shocked.
From e way he cough, I can see that he's not feeling well.
Prayed for him & everything.

After Service, Met up with my group & ate at longjohn.
It was CLM. Shared our convictions, David did some sharing and we're off!
But it was a joke luh. David prayed that we'll end in 1hour's time.
But in the end, it's already 2hours. LOL.

After CLM, went to buy some drinks & fruits for PastorJeff with JH, brandy & Bernard.
After that, went to e Security Farewell party or whatever.
Wrote some cards for EasyKill & the rest to wish them farewell.

After everything, Keith, JianHao & ZhengKai went back to Mac.
Leaving Me & Eevoon behind & we went to took a train home.
On e way back, i shared my convictions with her & lots of other things.
So here I am, back on my seat. :D

Things I've learnt in Service.
.Relationship between Church Leaders & Members.
#1) Taking Good Care of Our leaders.
how? Honor them.
why? Because e Bible says so. :D
Honor = Respect & Supporting their Financial Needs.
Respect = Speak Kindly, Keep them in prayers.
Financial= Be a blessing to your leader & know what they need.
about that, just wanna add on that it's not right for e leader to ask for more from e members.

#2) Lead your members justly.
-Not Prejudice, not partiality but principle of God.
Prejudice=Being Biased.
Partiality=showing favouritism.
Principle of God= e word of God.
-Give double honor to your leaders not because of their position, but because of what they have done to e Kingdom of God.
-A Good leader teaches e Word of God. A Great leader makes you fall in love to e Word of God.

#3) Leaders & Members : Be accountable to one another.
-Leadership is always challenging because e devil always aim e leader first.
So leaders that are reading this, let's stand firm to e Word of God & don't let e devil shoot you down. (isaiah40:30-31)
-So as a leader, I got to be accountable to God for whatever I'm doing & do my Job well.

it's around 1.45am now.
`TENACIOUSLYsigningoff. (:

it's You, that i want to spend my life with. 10:39 PM

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Yup, today's service.
Lying on my bed spending time with God in e morning.
but soon to realise that i'm going to be late for duty.
So i rushed off after brushing my teeth, bathing & etc.
nothing much to talk bout duty.
after duty was Unit meeting.
Objectives was met & soon we rushed to have a slight lunch.
Unit Meeting till 2.30, so we have only 30mins to eat till District meet starts.
Rushed & Ran towards America Room to have our games.
after games was sharing & lesson by shar.

Prayed & Prayed. Meeting had ended.
Left e Room & we went to Centrepoint for dinner.
But after i brought my food at LJ, my mum called.
She wanted me to rush from SomerSet all e way to Tampines to meet her.
Said she already booked a seat for me.
& i missed my CLM. ):
But anyway, when i reached there, i realised that it's my Cousin's birthday. =x

Sang the song, Ate the Cake & I went shopping with my Cousin.
We went to Zinc. Randomly pick a bag & brought it.
After that, we started moving off family by family.
Yup, that's why i'm back here to post.

i'll continue my post ASAP. (:

Friday, May 02, 2008.

Continue-ing my post, i was about to share what i've learnt.

What i've learnt from Micheal.
-Having an accurate picture of yourself determines who you are. But having an accurate picture of God determines who your God is.

#1) God is Love.
`True. Jesus Christ is the Greatest & Clearest Evidence of God's Love towards us.
who says so? - Look at what Jesus has done on e cross & you'll know why.
Facts : #1) Heaven is a free gift.
Gift= it's something you don't deserve. & you can't earn it.
#2) Nothing is Free.
No Link? Yup. Look how Gracious is our God. (:
#3) Man Is Sinful.
Sin= Sin is everything that doesn't fit the perfect standard of God.
#4) 1 crime is enough to pull you to jail.
-Stealing Can cause you to go to jail.
#5) 1 Sin is a crime in God's eyes.
-Gracious is our God! ;DD
#6) To Summarise everything, GOD IS GRACIOUS.

To Continue,

#2) God is Patient.
-We are all easily angered. But God is not.
I've said it once, twice and i'm gonna say it again.
'' Love Restrains E Judgement Of God.! ''
`For God so loved as that he not only gave his Son. But he even restrains His Judgement.
His Love is Great, that's all. (:

it's You, that i want to spend my life with. 1:36 AM

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hmm, nothing much to post about few days after service.
it was studying all e way.

For those who're reading this, JIAYOU FOR YA EXAMS!
You are supported. xD

Cya guys, have a nice day. ;D

it's You, that i want to spend my life with. 6:54 PM

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hey, i'm back to post.

19 April.

Supposing to have Security duty, but my bro said he was coming for service.
& my group has visitors.
Keith subbed me & somethinq happened.
My brother pangseh-ed me because he's still sleeping.
MinKai called & said his visitors pangseh-ed.
So it was like, rawrr.
Guilty that i left Keith to do duty for nothinq.
SORRY EEVOON & Keith! >.<
but praise & worship was cool.
most of my favourite sonqs.

but after service, it was District Huddle.
teamed up, introduced & we're ready to go.
the first clue was stupid. ISTANA PARK < 7 & 2 < the 7th & the 2nd letter.
and the rest was just taking photos & stuff.

hmm, we were tired & sweating. haha, but after reaching the final destination, we played more games. games, games, games & more games.
after all that sweat, it was time to eat.
food was delicious. hmm, nothing much to say bout it.
so after that was CLM.
shall share more bout what i learnt later.

hmm, after CLM, went to find DK & josh in Centrepoint.
then cant remember much, so HOMESWEETHOME. :D

Things i've learnt in CLM.
#1 ) When you didnt hit ya goal, never lose Faith.
-This can really be an application because on that day, i didnt hit my goal. which i'm about to lose Faith. but God reassured me by this.
& if you lose Faith, it means your faith for God is conditional.

#2) Compassion.
-Compassion is something which is really impt to a leader. Cus if a leader loses compassion, what's e point serving God?
& as a leader, i cant lose passion, compassion, e fire & e desire.

#3) Evaluate.
-Evaluate your own life/ your walk with God. ( before I sleep. xP)

Yup, that all for what i've learnt.
For those who are reading this, i really wanna encourage you to walk RIGHT with God.
The whole point of serving God is not being a good leader or anything.
David : " Whatever Leader you become, i dont care. I just care bout your walk With God. "
Jesus didnt die for you to become a leader. But Jesus died for you because He wants to have a brand new relationship with You!

i'll share more bout my next few days in a while's time.
For now, CYA!

it's You, that i want to spend my life with. 9:44 PM